Tapematic TPrint High production UV Digital Printer, Incorporating single pass print technology.

TapematicCD Printer

Tapematic TPrint Overview

Tapematic TPrint photoThe Tapematic TPrint is a high production UV Digital Printer. Incorporating single-pass print technology, the TPrint is an ideal solution to print various forms of packaging at exceptionally high speeds. Unlike conventional printing methods, silkscreen or offset, the TPrint UV Digital Printer does not come into contact with the object being printed; Therefore, sensitive objects or semi rigid objects can easily be printed.

The Tapematic TPrint is an evolution of more than a decade’s involvement with UV Digital print technology since our 1st UV Digital Inkjet printer developed for the optical disc industry (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray). The attention to detail and print quality is paramount when printing on to optical discs.

TPrint also offers the option of printing various progressive codes and barcodes, allowing security marking and or production identifying information on each item printed. Today’s market demands a constant and increasing level of personalization and exclusivity in many applications.

This results in an average number of items per job reducing in nearly every production environment. The TPrint is the perfect solution to accommodate this trend. Now it is possible to print the lowest run quantity at lower per-item cost of larger run quantities. As there are no setup or plates/screens utilized, only standard digital artwork files are required.