Tapematic TPrint High production UV Digital Printer, Incorporating single pass print technology.

TapematicCD Printer

Tapematic TPrint Details

More business by providing more service

TPrint, with its revolutionary drop-on-demand inkjet technology, will give your company the ultimate edge over the competition that are using traditional printing methods. Offer your customers small quantity runs with the highest quality full color images at the lowest cost possible. When it comes to short-to-medium print runs, TPrint will dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of your company and engage your clients with innovative future business options.

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  • Print resolution up to 1440 dpi
  • Single pass printing
  • Prints onto irregular and non flat surfaces
  • Consistent color every time


  • Change-over in a matter of seconds
  • Prints on a wide range of substrates
  • Variable data software available

User friendly

  • Zero start-up time and cost
  • Print quality inspection camera
  • Digital workflow

Environment friendly

  • Drop-on-demand technology
  • High resistance UV curable inks
  • No ink waste


A new standard in digital printing

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Drop on demand inkjet technology

The print technology of choice for most existing and emerging applications, “Drop-on-demand” inkjet, is fully-digital and non-contact. Non-contact printing results in zero stress to any substrate. The long-lasting print head has the ability to “jet” ink in a highly controllable and reliable manner with accuracy and precision, resulting in an amazingly impressive, full-color, high-quality print. Ink droplets fall from a distance of one millimeter, directly onto the substrate. Within a fraction of a second, the droplets are cured into a hard and durable, impermeable surface. Digital artwork can be printed onto all types of substrate, whether flat or irregular.

Tapematic TPrint layout

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Swift turnaround

Digital short-run printing has evolved to the way we work in today’s fast moving industry, but without any of the downtime and frustration you may have experienced in the past. Achieve amazingly fast turnaround without any production bottlenecks. All-round, TPrint has certainly made its mark, so don’t be left behind!