Cylindrical UV digital Printers

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Cylindrical UV digital Printers

Tapematic’s CPrint and the CPrint Mini, are the much-awaited solution to digitally print cylindrical objects with UV curable inks. With these machines, a multitude of cylindrical objects such as glass, closures, cups, cosmetics jars, pharmaceutical bottles and more can now be printed digitally, thereby introducing a new era of digital cylindrical decoration. No plates, no screens, with only digital artwork files being required. Immediate job change and an amazingly impressive, full colour high quality print.

Cylindrical digital printers advantages

Cylindrical digital printers come with many productive, environmental and economical advantages. If this was not enough, we invite you to consider the outstanding quality of the packaging, labels and closure applied on cylindrical objects with UV curable inks.
UV Curing technique was actually known since the 1960s, however it has significantly improved since: nowadays tube digital printing technology is largely in use in the manufacturing industry to finish packaging and closures, as well as to apply colors and codes on tubular objects.
Tapematic focuses on solutions for perfect industrial finishing, and, along with plastic metallization and vacuum sputtering, has come up with some advanced, fully automated machines to apply digital printings on cylindrical objects.

Cylindrical digital printers: a flexible and profitable technology
Used to apply decorations and/or codes on tubes, glass, cosmetic jars, pharmaceutical bottles and several other cylindrical objects, cylindrical digital printers bring us to the new era of digital decoration on tubular and irregular 3D objects.
Thanks to their ability to create high quality, full color digital impressions, tube digital printers are perfect for commercial use. The applications for this finishing technology include textiles, glass, closures, plastic containers with highly resistant UV colors, cups, cosmetics jars, pharmaceutical bottles and many more cylindrical and specially-shaped containers.
Cylindrical digital printing are of the most astonishing quality, with optimum edge definition of lines, pin sharp texts and the finest gradients, hues and shading.
The smallest run quantity may be printed at the same per-item cost of the largest, with a high consistency of production and no waste of labels, since the production is exactly as the ordered quantity.
No setup, plates, or screens are involved: your standard digital artwork is what you need to start the production. Highly flexible and profitable, cylindrical digital printers are the solutions you need to optimize the workflow with an eye to the environment.
Tapematic Cylindrical UV Digital Printers
Cylindrical digital printers have opened a new era for the decoration of tubular objects. The latest digital inkjet printing technology is combined UV curable inks for cylindrical printing onto various materials, which range from glass to wood, from metal to PVC, polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene and many others.
UV light induces a photochemical reaction which instantly cures (polymerizes) the acrylic monomers of the ink: the result is a brilliant, sharply framed cylindrical print. Vibrant colors, well defined outlines, clearly readable logos and signs: tube digital printing technology is the only way to achieve the top quality, highly consistent prints required by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, along with glass and bottles manufacturers, interior decorators and so on.
Our catalogue includes the CPrint and the CPrint Mini, reliable, specific and sophisticated machines to impress digital printings on bottles, cosmetics, packaging and closures, especially required by pharmaceutics and cosmetics.
The Tapematic CPrint is a high-production tube digital printer designed to work 24/7. Capable of printing progressive codes and/or barcodes, as well as personalized labels, packaging and tamper-proof closures, the Tapematic CPrint is the future for cylindrical digital printing.
The Tapematic CPrint Mini is a flexible and reliable mini tube digital printer, perfect to give your customers vivid, brilliant, high-definition printing.
Tube digital printing has never been so easy and satisfying as with Tapematic solutions for tubular digital printing: contact our office to know more.