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Tapematic customer wins coveted Vibes Innovation Award 2016

Tapematic customer wins coveted Vibes Innovation Award 2016
20 December 2016

Guala Closures UK Ltd. have been awarded the coveted Vibes Award for Innovation 2016. Tapematic is proud in the knowledge that our technology implemented within the PST Line is making a huge difference on both the impact of the environment and a huge cost savings per unit for decoration. This award exemplifies how businesses in all fields of decoration utilizing sputtering and coatings can make a big impact on the environment and improved ROI.


Manufacture of bottle closures and stoppers for the whisky, spirits and wine industries.
Invested in a new and innovative all in one paint and metallization production line from Tapematic - PST Line.
VOC usage has reduced by 58% from 36 tonnes to 15 tonnes.
Wastewater from this process reduced by 92% from 6,000 liters to 500 liters.
Increased number of parts processed by 75% from 40,000 to 70,000 using 25 liters of paint.

“Guala Closures UK Ltd is delighted to have won this prestigious award. We are thrilled to have been recognised for the commitment we have made to reduce our impact upon the environment by implementing innovative new technologies and processes. We are proud to take our place amongst many excellent companies who are totally committed to delivering a sustainable future. As part of the Guala Closures Group, we are contributing to a 5 year Sustainability Strategy and this recognition will further stimulate determination and enthusiasm to help us achieve our goals. The work we have undertaken over recent years has been a significant investment, both by our staff and financially. This work will never stop as we continue to improve; not only our processes but our culture and how we impact the environment.”

Stuart Giles
Business Engineering & Site Services Manager
Guala Closures UK Ltd.

“Often I hear discussions about 'environmentally friendly', and 'sustainable manufacturing' just as marketing or sales advertisement, then what is happening in reality is different. We are really proud of this award granted to Guala Closures UK. It recognises the effort of the highly skilled technical teams involved, and the Green nature of the PST Line. It is proof that the PST Line is allowing the coating and metalizing in an environmentally friendly way and, because of this, also guaranteeing an incomparable ROI. For those companies that are starting to consider the 'Social Impact' as an important aspect for their businesses, and are evaluating to have their products produced as near as possible to where they distributed / sold, the PST Line is a good solution to seriously consider."

Davide Perego
Chief Operation Officer
Tapematic S.p.A.