Tapematic PST line In-line 3D Sputtering Coating System. Fully automated.

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Vacuum sputtering

Metallized coatings serve both the aesthetic and mechanical purposes.

From the cosmetic point of view, a metallic coating endows plastic objects with increased brilliance and reflectivity. But the metallic layer also bestows abrasion resistance, electric conductivity and other properties which are not innate in plastic.
The expensive look of metal, at a definitely lower manufacturing cost, with less weight and often a higher corrosion resistance: these are only some of the reasons why, in the last years, the demand for metalized coatings has been increasing worldwide, and inline sputtering machines have been winning the trust of a vast majority of manufacturers.

Vacuum sputtering metallization process

Among plastic metallization techniques - such as plating, electroplating, arc and flame spraying -, vacuum sputtering is the most convenient from any point of view.
The sputtering process consists in a bombardment of particles with argon ions in a vacuum chamber: it is also called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), as the process is entirely physical, happening without producing nor releasing any toxic chemicals or Volatile Organic Compounds.
The metallic material is deposited atom-by-atom or molecule-by-molecule on a base-coated surface (target) after the sputtering-induced vaporization of such material. While the solid surface is being sputtered, a reactive gas is introduced in the chamber: the gas combined with the metal vapor forms a smooth, highly adherent coating, which settles on the surface in a totally safe, clean and dry process.

In-line vacuum sputtering: next generation technology

Vacuum sputtering technology has made the difference in plastic metallization and cosmetic varnishing especially thanks to fully automated in-line systems able to integrate in a single process the application of UV-cured base coating, vacuum metalizing and top coating.
This passage was somehow entailed by the very nature of base coating and top coating: these processes do in fact involve continuous movements of the pieces, which need to be transported and rotated in front of the spray guns and the drying/curing systems. Traditional vacuum metallization, on the other hand, still needed the human intervention to remove, load and unload the pieces.
By integrating in a single fully automated in-line process the operations of base coating, metalizing and top coating, in-line vacuum metallizers can reduce up to significant digits the times and costs necessary for manufacturing, as well as the industrial wastes and rejects. These would not be enough without a relevant quality improvement, which is obtained thanks to a thorough quality control system assuring an easy control on every phase of the process.

Tapematic Vacuum Sputtering Solutions

The Tapematic in-line sputtering machines include the S8++ sputtering system and the BT Coating modules.
The S8++ sputtering system is the most environmentally friendly solution for metal deposition nowadays available on the market: its unique load-lock concept makes it capable of sputtering 3D items while simultaneously operating loading and offloading, and maintaining the high vacuum in the sputtering chamber.
Efficient, cost-effective and highly dependable, the Tapematic S8++ sputtering system guarantees low power consumption and does not need any dedicated operator to supervise or effect the loading and offloading processes required by plastic metallization.
Combined with the BT Coating systems, the Tapematic S8++ sputtering makes up the Tapematic PST Line, the ultimate solution for in-house metallization and varnishing of 3D objects. This revolutionary, fully automated system is capable of applying a UV base-coat, performing 3D metallization and subsequently finishing the product with a UV top-coat.
Inspections are made possible by the integrated Hi-Def optical camera, while loading and offloading are linked by a custom-designed, fully automated handling system, and UV varnishing is effected by the two Tapematic BT Coating modules.
Tapematic S8++ sputtering system and PST Line represent - together or by themselves - the most efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective solution available today for 3D metallization, varnishing and in-house production of finished items.
For the most stable and highest quality coating and finishing, choose the best-in-class technology: contact our experts and discover more about Tapematic Vacuum Sputtering Solutions.