Tapematic PST line In-line 3D Sputtering Coating System. Fully automated.

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Vacuum metallizing

Vacuum metallizing systems include different methods to deposit layers of material atom-by-atom or molecule-by-molecule on a surface.
The process is called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) since it is based on a physical transformation: namely that of a coating metallic material from a solid to vapor state.
The vacuum metallizing itself consists in the bombardment of particles with argon ions in a vacuum chamber (sputtering process), followed by the introduction of a reactive gas in the chamber. The combination of the gas with the metal vapor forms a highly adherent coating, which settles on the target surface.
The result is a spotless, shiny and resistant metallic coating, 100% clean from any contamination.

Vacuum metallizing: the best answer to the needs of industry

Today, metallized coatings are used to finish a great variety of products - from CDs and DVDs, to cosmetic UV varnishing, just to mention a few of the many metallized products for mass consumption.
No wonder manufacturing industry has welcomed with relief PVD sputtering technology, now been used for many years with great results for vacuum metallization of semiconductors, plastics and cosmetics.
Nowadays in-line vacuum metallizers integrate vacuum metalizing and UV-cured coating in a single automated process. Metallizing lines have proven capable of significant improvements in production quality and cohesiveness, while achieving significant targets of cost reduction, with the lower carbon print.
The numerous advantages of vacuum sputtering have already persuaded the vast majority of manufacturers to convert to vacuum metallizing technology, the last word in cosmetic varnishing and plastic metallization.

Tapematic Vacuum Metallizing Systems

By merging in a single in-line process the operations of base coating, metalizing and top coating, you can reach a significant improvement in terms of time reduction, cost abatement and quality refinement, while reducing waste and rejects, to the benefit of the environment and the future generations.
Our solution for vacuum metallization include the Tapematic S8++ sputtering system, which is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective machine to sputter 3 Dimensional objects in a high vacuum chamber. The latest green technology is used to achieve sustainability and efficiency in cosmetic metalizing, plastic metallization and 3D coatings.
No need to dedicate an operator: the system loading and offloading are fully automated. The system’s magnetic field is tuned to achieve the best possible performance in terms of reflectivity, uniformity, cycle time, and cost-per-part optimization.
The same goes with the Tapematic PST Line, a fully automated system for in-line vacuum metallizing and application of UV coat. Thanks to its high-definition Optical camera, you can count on a truly reliable quality control system over the finishing of every single piece.