Tapematic PST line In-line 3D Sputtering Coating System. Fully automated.

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Vacuum metallizer

Vacuum metallizers are fully automated machines used to apply metallic coating to plastic items, cosmetics and many other objects and components.
There is indeed a great need for accurate finishing in the manufacturing industry: plastic metallization and cosmetic varnishing do not simply make objects look shiny, by covering any possible imperfection, but they also protect their surface with a sturdy metalized coating.
This is why we came up with different sophisticated solutions for the application of 3D metalized coatings in fully automated lines. Our inline vacuum metallizers are the state-of-the-art in sputtering systems.
Let's have a look in more detail to our most advanced vacuum metalizing solutions.

Vacuum Metallizers: what they are, and what they do

Vacuum Metalizing is a process of physical vapor deposition based on the evaporation of metals in a vacuum chamber, in order to combine them with a non-metallic substrate and obtain a uniform metallic coating.
Vacuum metallizers are, therefore, the machines responsible for the whole vacuum metallization process. Tapematic has come up with some convenient automated in-line solutions, which combine vacuum metalizing and UV-cured coating in a single process, obtaining the best product quality at the lowest cost.

Vacuum Metallizers: a safe, clean, and convenient industrial solution

The numerous undeniable advantages of in-line vacuum metallizers have already persuaded the vast majority of manufacturers to convert to in-line sputtering technology.
Metallizing lines can help you achieve cost reduction and quality improvement by eliminating the need for one or more dedicated operator(s). Non-automated machines did in fact require the human intervention to move and rotate the pieces during the process of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), as well as to load and offload the system, and transport the pieces from one machine to the other.
Not only are, vacuum metallizers operating in complete autonomy, but they also allow a thorough control on each and every part of every single piece.
And the metalizing process itself is safe for the environment and human health: sputtering process consists in fact in a bombardment of particles with argon ions in a vacuum chamber, which does not entail the use of or produce any toxic chemicals or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), thus representing a totally safe and clean dry process.
While the solid surface is being sputtered, a reactive gas is introduced in the chamber: the gas combined with the metal vapor forms a highly adherent coating, which settles on the surface. The result is a sturdy and spotless metal surface, obtained in absence of any contamination whatsoever.

Tapematic Vacuum Metallizers

Tapematic PST Line is our fully automated system for 3D coating: it assures an accurate application of UV-cured base and top coat. The reliable quality is guaranteed by the high-definition camera control system.
Together with the Tapematic S8++ sputtering system, the PST line is the greenest and best cost-effective solution for plastic metallization and cosmetic varnishing.
The in-line 3D vacuum metallizer is the ultimate solution to have full and thorough control on the sputtering system, achieving the best results in quality and productivity.