Tapematic PST line In-line 3D Sputtering Coating System. Fully automated.

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Vacuum coating

Vacuum coatings are layers of (generally metallic) material deposited atom-by-atom or molecule-by-molecule on a solid, non-porous surface.
As these processes are operated well below the atmospheric pressure, we speak of vacuum coating. The specific process based on the transition of a liquid or solid into vapor is called physical vapor deposition (PVD).
Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) or vacuum metallization is the ultimate solution to achieve the top quality, uniformity and stability in metallic coatings.

Vacuum coating: a high temperature, high vacuum process

In-line vacuum metallizers have become such a popular solution in the last years because they give a faultless shiny coating in a short time and at the lowest cost. The vacuum chamber has a crucial role in the process. In fact, the vacuum atmosphere cooperates to reduce the particle density of contaminants while providing a means for the control of mass flow, gas and vapor composition.
No chemical reaction is triggered, as the technology is based on a solely physical process in high vacuum. Indeed, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) induces the transformation of a metallic coating material from solid to vapor state. This means that metalizing lines do not use, produce or yield any harmful substance or toxic element.
Unlike electroplating, where an electrolytic bath was needed to deposit metal ions on to the plastic object, vacuum metallization is a completely dry method, free from chromium derivatives and/or nickel. This makes vacuum coating the safest, cleanest, and greenest technology for plastic metallization today available on the market beyond all doubt.

Tapematic Vacuum coating solutions

Thanks to inline sputtering systems, vacuum coating processes are now faster, easier, safer and greener. Being fully automated, inline 3D metallizers do not need one or more dedicated operator(s), signifying important savings on the manufacturing costs.
The Tapematic in-line metalizing systems includes the S8++ sputtering system: this reliable, efficient and cost-effective high vacuum machine, combined with the BT Coating systems makes up the Tapematic PST Line, a fully automated system for plastic metallization and cosmetic varnishing.
Our inline sputtering machines are the ultimate solution to maintain control of in-house cosmetic sputtering and metal coating, in order to have a high quality, stable coating and finishing. Inline sputtering systems do not need a dedicated operator, since loading and offloading processes are fully automated. The environmental quality and safety of the process are guaranteed by built-in ionization and Class 100 HEPA filtration systems.
The most stable, high-quality coating and finish for your products is given by vacuum coating solutions provided by Tapematic. The best-in-class technology for in-house metal coating.