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Plastic metallizing

Plastic metallizing

Contemporary manufacturing industries require metallic finishes for many plastic products.
Metallic coatings give plastic surfaces a spotless and mirrored appearance, which is very desirable for cosmetics as well as for mobile phones, car interiors, technologic devices, accessories, and many more.
Inline sputtering systems are the most cost-effective, convenient, and environmentally responsible technology for plastic metalizing. Indeed, In-line metallization technology simplifies the processes of base coating, metalizing and top coating through a single, fully automated machine.

Plastic Vacuum Metalizing: cleaner, safer, greener, faster (and economical)

Plastic surfaces, parts or components are often coated with metal to improve their aesthetic and mechanical qualities.
In fact, metallization yields plastic specific properties such as abrasion resistance and electric conductivity, as well as increased gloss and reflectivity which give plastic items the up-market appearance and feel of chromium plated metal, however at a much lower production cost.
Thanks to inline sputtering systems, plastic metalizing processes are now faster, easier, safer and greener. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) metalizing lines do not use, produce or yield any harmful substance or toxic components: PVD is in fact a high temperature (150 - 500 °C), high vacuum process which induces the transformation of a metallic coating material from solid to vapor state.
No chemical reaction is triggered, as the technology is based on a solely physical process. Unlike electroplating, which used an electrolytic bath to deposit metal ions on to the plastic object; vacuum metallization is a dry method that does not use chromium derivatives and/or nickel.
This makes vacuum metalizing beyond all doubt the safest, cleanest, and greenest technology for plastic metallization available on the market today. Being fully automated, inline 3D metallizers do not need one or more dedicated operators, this way allowing significant savings on the production costs.

Tapematic Plastic Metalizing solutions

The very latest in plastic metalizing are in line high vacuum machines which unify the different processes of base coating, metalizing and top coating in a way that was inconceivable with electroplating or other previous finishing techniques.
Plastic and cosmetic metalizing machines are not just faster and easier to use, but they are also safer and cleaner for man and the environment, since Vacuum Sputtering does not produce any toxic chemicals or VOCs.
Tapematic in-line metalizing solutions include the S8++ sputtering system, a reliable, efficient and cost-effective high vacuum 3D sputtering device, and the Tapematic PST Line, a fully automated system for 3D varnishing and metallization.
State-of-the-art technology comes with our consolidated market experience. Feel free to contact our experts in order to get more information about our metallic coating technologies for plastic varnishing, finishing and metallization.