Tapematic PST line In-line 3D Sputtering Coating System. Fully automated.

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Metallizing lines

The last word in vacuum metallizing technologies are computer controlled lines: designed for high speed coating operation, in-line vacuum metallizers allow a thorough control on polymer deposition, with no need for one or more human operator(s) to deliver loading and unloading procedures.
Metallizing lines significantly reduce the need for human control while making plastic metallization and cosmetic varnishing easier, better and safer.
Let's explore in more detail the many, significant benefits of in-line 3D vacuum metallizers.

Metallizing lines: a green, safe, fast and thorough technology

Our newest in-line vacuum metallizers do not use, produce or yield any harmful substance or toxic components: the metallic coating is applied through high vacuum, dry process which induces the metallic material chosen for the coating to transform from solid to vapor state.
This means that no chemical reactions are triggered, as the technology is based on a solely physical process. Metallizing lines are therefore to be considered the safest, cleanest, and greenest technology for 3D coating today available on the market.
But there is more: being fully automated, metallizing lines do not need one or more dedicated operator(s) to operate and control the coating operations, this way allowing significant savings on the production costs.

Metallizing lines: abating costs, improving quality

The integration of base coating and top coating procedures with vacuum metalizing may indeed allow a significant varnish reduction, as well as a substantial cost abatement, while improving quality and reducing waste and/or rejects.
UV-cured base and top coating application entail many movements of the pieces, which need to be continuously turned in front of the spray guns. Traditional vacuum metallizers, on the other side, do not use integrated vacuum chambers, this way still requiring the human intervention to remove, load and unload the items.
Technology makes it now possible to integrate these processes in a single automated metallizing line, obtaining products of the best quality at the lowest cost.

Tapematic Metallizing Lines

The numerous undeniable advantages of vacuum sputtering technology have already persuaded the vast majority of manufacturers to convert to in-line vacuum metallizers.
Cost reduction and optimization of production lines are indeed crucial factors in the fabrication and launch of brand new products, as well as for any manufacturer operating in the cosmetic field and in the manufacturing industry.
Among our efficient metallizing lines, the Tapematic S8++ sputtering system stands out because of its excellent performances in terms of reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With no need to dedicate an operator and the latest green technology integrated, our smart in-line vacuum metallizer gives you the highest efficiency in cosmetic metalizing, plastic metallization and 3D coatings.
Our catalogue of solutions is completed by the Tapematic PST Line, a fully automated system for 3D metallization and UV-cured base and top coating. Loading and offloading are managed and linked by a customized fully automated handling system. Built-in ionization and Class 100 HEPA filtration guarantees no contamination in the process area to ensure total environmental quality during the whole production process.
Our metallizing lines are the ultimate solution for any company pursuing control of in-house metal coating or parts, in order to deliver their customers (and subsequently the market) a stable, high-quality coating and finish for plastic products, cosmetics and many more.