Tapematic PST line In-line 3D Sputtering Coating System. Fully automated.

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Inline sputtering machine

Metallic coatings are applied both for aesthetic and mechanical purposes.

In fact, if on the one side a metal coating does embellish plastic objects with increased cosmetic properties of reflection and gloss, on the other it also gives plastic properties not innate in it such as electric conductivity and abrasion resistance.
The demand for metalized coatings has been spreading worldwide in the last years, when inline sputtering machines have been proving themselves the most cost-effective, dependable and environmentally responsible solution to perform 3D metallization and cosmetic varnishing in house.
Let's have a look at the reasons of such a unanimous international market approval.

Inline sputtering machines: streamlining productivity, improving quality

Inline sputtering machines are the most convenient metalizing systems nowadays available on the market.
The sputtering process - a purely physical transition happening within a vacuum chamber without using/releasing any toxic chemicals or volatile compounds - has been streamlined thanks to fully automated in-line systems, able to integrate in a single process the application of UV-cured base coating, vacuum metalizing and UV-cured top coating.
The very nature of base coating and top coating was somehow entailing this step ahead: in order to varnish and metalize an item, it was in fact necessary to constantly move, transport and rotate the single piece in front of the spray guns and the drying/curing systems. Moreover, traditional vacuum metallization techniques still needed the human intervention to load, remove and unload the pieces in/from the high vacuum chamber.

Tapematic in-line sputtering machines

Metallizing lines, by integrating in a single fully automated in-line process the operations of base coating, metalizing and top coating, can help you to achieve significant reductions in times and costs required for manufacturing and finishing components and objects.
Let's not forget about the significant quality improvement given by a thorough and an easy quality control system, as well as the reduction of industrial wastes and rejects.
Vacuum sputtering technology has made the difference in plastic metallization and cosmetic varnishing especially thanks to in-line metallization.
The Tapematic in-line sputtering machines include the S8++ sputtering system. Combined with the BT Coating systems, the Tapematic S8++ sputtering makes up the Tapematic PST Line, the ultimate solution for in-house metallization and varnishing of 3D objects.
This fully automated and highly dependable system performs application of UV base-coat, 3D metallization and finishing with UV topcoat.
The Tapematic S8++ sputtering system and PST Line represent - together or by themselves - the most efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution today available for 3D metallization, varnishing and in-house production of finished items.
To know more about the best-in-class Vacuum Sputtering solutions, contact our experts and discover Tapematic in-line sputtering technology.