Tapematic PST line In-line 3D Sputtering Coating System. Fully automated.

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In-line vacuum metallizer

Vacuum metallizing is the process enabling us to apply metallic coatings to non-porous substrate such as plastic, glass or metal.
The process is carried out under high vacuum, which is based on Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), a technique that in turn encompasses several different methods to deposit layers of material in the form of a vapor on a plastic surface.

In-line Vacuum Metallizer: How does it work?

In-line Vacuum Metallization is the name we give to the high vacuum process, that encompasses the transformation of a metallic coating material from the solid state to vapor, and the following argon ions bombardment in a vacuum chamber (vacuum sputtering process).
While the solid surface is being sputtered, a reactive gas is introduced in the chamber: the gas combined with the metal vapor forms a highly adherent coating, which settles on the surface.
The result is an impeccable, shiny metal surface, completely devoid of any trace of contamination.

In-line Vacuum Metallizer: Benefits

Metallizing lines offer solid advantages in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, cohesiveness, control and reliability of the work: in-line 3D metallizing comes with unmatchable possibilities of control over every piece, and the single properties of the coating (structure, hardness, adhesion, chemical and temperature resistance…). At the same time, it assures consistencey of results through the whole manufacturing and finishing procedures.
But there is more: in-line sputtering systems free your operators from the need to load and offload by hand every single piece in the machine, and subsequently transfer them to other machines for processing / finishing.
Being completely free from chemical reactions - thanks to the purely physical nature of the inline coating process -, in-line vacuum metallizers are also the cleanest, greenest and safest technology for 3D coating available on the market today.
Our inline sputtering machines are the state-of-the-art solution to get and maintain control of in-house metal coating. By unifying the different processes of base coating, metalizing and top coating in a way that was inconceivable with electroplating or other previous finishing techniques. Our in line 3D metallizers are the ultimate solution to achieve the top quality, uniformity and stability in vacuum metallization.

Tapematic In-line Vacuum Metallizer Systems

In-line vacuum metallizers are the most economically efficient, environmentally compatible, easy to control, and cohesive method to give a decorative metallic coating to non-porous surfaces.
Tapematic PST Line in-line 3d metalizing solution includes the S8++ sputtering system, and the Tapematic BT Coating: these fully automated systems for 3D varnishing and metallization are highly reliable, efficient and cost-effective high vacuum 3D sputtering devices.
Metallizing lines are not just easier and faster to use, but they are also operating with a safe and clean approach, respectful of the safety of the operators and the healthiness of the environment: Vacuum Sputtering systems do not produce any toxic chemicals or VOCs.
The environmental quality and safety of the processes are also guaranteed by built-in ionization and Class 100 HEPA filtration systems. In addition, metallizing lines do not need any dedicated operator, since loading and offloading are fully automated processes.