Tapematic PST line In-line 3D Sputtering Coating System. Fully automated.

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In-line metallizing

Inline integration of base coating, metalizing and top coating solves the main and most critical problems of batch processing. Inline sputtering systems are gathering a growing popularity mainly due to low costs and cleanliness of the process.
This smart technology for 3D coating unifies the different processes of base coating, metalizing and top coating in a manner that was not conceivable with previous finishing techniques such as electroplating.

In-line metalizing systems: clean, dry and fast

Metallic finishes are required by many plastic products - from mobile phones to car interior, not to mention the needs of the cosmetic industry, always looking for faster, cleaner, more precise and more convenient cosmetic varnishing technologies.
An integrated in-line Three-dimensional coating system may help you achieve a significant cost reduction and quality improvement, together with the simplification and efficiency of the manufacturing process. Vacuum sputtering does not produce any toxic chemicals or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), thus representing a totally safe and clean, dry process.
PVD sputtering system has now been used for many years in the manufacturing industry to produce top quality metal coatings. Since the vacuum metallization technology is based on a bombardment of high-energy ions, the adhesion of the film is of the highest quality.
During the sputtering process, items from a solid metallic surface (known as a Target) are ejected by bombardment with high-energy ions and, traveling unimpeded through the vacuum chamber, are deposited on to the plastic surface to be metalized.
Prior to Vacuum metallization the plastic surface should be coated using a UV cured base coating this is to hide the imperfections of the plastic surface. Any type of metal or metal alloys can be used as the sputtering material (Aluminum, Chromium, Titanium, Stainless Steel, etc.). The metallization process makes the plastic surface become reflective. The use of an inline sputtering system becomes critical to make the process efficient in the operations on metalizing lines.

Tapematic In-line Metalizing solutions

The Tapematic in-line metalizing systems includes the S8++ sputtering system, a reliable, efficient and cost-effective high vacuum machine to sputter 3D objects, combined with the BT Coating systems makes up the Tapematic PST Line, a fully automated system for metallization and varnishing of 3D objects.
Our In-line vacuum metallizer is the best-in-class technology for in-house metallic coating, which guarantees a stable, high-quality coating and finish for your products.
These environmentally friendly solutions enable you to sputter 3D objects in an efficient, cost-effective and easy to monitor process. Reliable and fully automated, vacuum metallization systems make use of the latest green technology, achieving significant savings on power consumption.
Inline sputtering systems do not need a dedicated operator, since loading and offloading processes are fully automated. The environmental quality and safety of the process are guaranteed by built-in ionization and Class 100 HEPA filtration systems.
Our inline sputtering machines are the ultimate solution to maintain control of in-house metal coating, in order to have a high quality, stable coating and finishing.