Tapematic PST line In-line 3D Sputtering Coating System. Fully automated.

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In-line metallization

In-line metallization

In-line metallization devices significantly reduce the need for control by one or more human operator(s) while making the metallization process more efficient, and easier to control each and every phase.
Unlike the traditional manufacturing lines, where several machines must be operating simultaneously to perform each part of the process, inline systems reduce the need for an operator to handle and transport the pieces between machines.
An integrated in-line approach to varnishing, metallization and finishing may easily solve many critical issues for the manufacturing trade. Plastic metallization and cosmetic varnishing get faster, easier and more precise thanks to vacuum metallization performed through in-line 3D sputtering systems.

In-line metallization technology: Faster, easier, accurate and consistent

Today, metallic finishes are applied to a great variety of products to give them polished and resistant surfaces. Traditional techniques such as electroplating have been gradually replaced by Physical Vapor Deposition, or vacuum metalizing.
PVD sputtering technology has now been used for many years with great results for the metallization of semiconductors, plastics such as CDs, DVDs, as well as cosmetic UV varnishing and many other products intended for mass market.
Now technology makes it possible to integrate vacuum metalizing and UV-cured base coating and top coating in a single automated process, obtaining the best product quality at the lowest cost. The undeniable and numerous advantages of vacuum sputtering have already persuaded the vast majority of manufacturers to convert to in-line metallization technology.
Base coating and top coating are in-line processes by their very design. In fact, coating processes entail many movements of the pieces, which need to be transported and continuously rotated in front of the spray guns used to apply the coating in order to be positioned directly, and subsequently in front of the drying and/or curing systems.
On the other hand, traditional vacuum metallization does not use integrated vacuum chambers, where the human intervention is still required to remove, load and unload the pieces. By merging in a single in-line process the operations of base coating, metalizing and top coating, you obtain a significant time reduction, cost abatement, quality improvement, and reduced waste / rejects.

Tapematic In-line Metallization Solutions

The reduction of the costs and the optimization of the production line are particularly critical for the fabrication of brand new products which still need to be approved and accepted by the market. However, these are desirable targets for any manufacturer, especially those who operate in the cosmetic field and in the manufacturing sector.
Tapematic PST Line is a fully automated system for 3D metallization and the application of UV base coat and top-coat. Thanks to a high-definition Optical camera, you can count on a truly reliable quality control system.
Combined with the Tapematic S8++ sputtering system, the PST line is the greenest and most cost effective solution for metallization and varnishing of 3D objects. The in-line 3D vacuum metallizer is the ultimate solution to have full and thorough control on the sputtering system, and achieve the best results in quality and productivity.