Tapematic CPrint Cylindrical UV digital printer. Amazingly impressive.

TapematicCD Printer

Cosmetic inkjet printer

Introducing the new era of digital cylindrical decoration: Tapematics Cosmetic Inkjet Printers are the state-of-the-art technology to digitally print cylindrical objects with UV curable inks.
Applied since the 1960s, UV Curing technique has significantly improved the performances of cosmetic inkjet printing: so much that nowadays this technology is successfully applied to tube digital printing to finish packaging and closures, as well as to apply colors and codes on tubular objects.
Inkjet printing does not make use of any plates, and has significantly improved the possibilities of container, packaging and closures digital printing for pharmaceutics and cosmetics.
Tapematic's catalogue of products focuses on solutions for cosmetic finishing, such as plastic metallization and vacuum sputtering, along with some of the more advanced, fully automated machines to apply digital printings on cylindrical objects.

Cosmetic inkjet printers: vivid and definite images and writings

New fields for the application of digital printing technology are continuously opening, thanks to the significant improvement in printing quality and speed, and, hence, productivity granted by cosmetic inkjet printers.
Innovative and flexible, our machines are the best solution for the decoration of containers: a versatile, market-oriented approach to decoration for your products, including limited editions and advertising campaigns.
Tapematic has come up with some interesting solutions to give cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries valid and dependable machines for cosmetic inkjet printing. These industries have special needs for a great variety of containers, labels and packaging, often including instructions, warnings and devices to prevent tampering.
To have beautiful, brilliant and definite prints on bottles and cosmetic jars don't settle for less than the best. Our cosmetic inkjet printers enable the print of a multitude of cylindrical objects such as glass, closures, cups, cosmetics jars, pharmaceutical bottles and more. You don't need any plates nor screens, digital artwork files is all that is required to digitally print your objects.
Current fields of application include, among several others, labels and packaging, textiles, large scale prints, tiles, wall panels, wooden panels sheet-fed printing.

Tapematic Cosmetic inkjet printers

Cosmetic inkjet printers come with many productive, environmental and economical benefits. Tapematic’s CPrint and the CPrint Mini are the much-awaited solution for decorating containers without using labels, but an inkjet printing system instead.
Our catalogue includes the CPrint and the CPrint Mini: both reliable, versatile and sophisticated machines to impress digital printings on bottles, cosmetics, packaging and closures, especially required by pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
Capable of printing progressive codes and/or barcodes, as well as personalized labels, packaging and tamper-proof closures, the Tapematic CPrint is a high-production tube digital printer designed to work 24/7.
The Tapematic CPrint Mini, a flexible and reliable mini tube digital printer, is what you need if you are looking for an office-sized machine able to print vivid, brilliant, high-definition images. Together with the Tapematic CPrint, they represent the future for cylindrical digital printing.
Cosmetic Inkjet printers have opened a new era for the decoration of tubular objects. Combined UV curable inks, the latest digital inkjet printing technology allows cylindrical printing onto various materials, such as glass, wood, metal, PVC, polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene and many others.
Tube digital printing has never been so easy and satisfying as with Tapematic solutions for tubular digital printing: contact our offices for more details.