Tapematic CPrint Cylindrical UV digital printer. Amazingly impressive.

TapematicCD Printer

Cosmetic digital printer

Tapematic solutions for digital printing include a full system to digitally print and cure cylindrical objects with UV inks.
Our tube digital printer gives you a myriad of choices for the personalization and marketing of your products: cosmetics jars, pharmaceutical bottles, glasses, cups, closures, and many other kinds of packaging can be handled singularly or as a printing queue.
This way you are always free to chose whether to impress the same print to the whole batch or to decorate every single tube with a unique image.
Our cosmetic digital printers are the best way to improve production output and capability, while offering innumerable options for customization.

Cosmetic digital printers: the most efficient packaging solution

Cosmetics and pharmaceutics have a constant need for several different labels: sorted out for size, type of products, scent or fragrance, as well as for packaging, they may be coming in bottles, tubs, tubes and jars.
Hence the need for cosmetic industry to count on reliable, versatile, fully automated machines such as Tapematic's cosmetic digital printers. These advanced apparatuses make it possible to digitally print a multitude of a cylindrical objects, to best respond to today’s market demands for an increasing level of personalization and exclusivity on their products.
The request for customization comes with the need for tamper-proof closures. Tamper resistance is required to protect some types of products from intentional malfunctioning or sabotage by user, package, system or others with physical access to it. Depending on the product, container closures can be made up of several layers of packaging in order to deter tampering and/or to provide evidence of attempts at tampering to the consumer before he/she tries to open it.
But labels and packaging are also meant to give information to the user, especially in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Our cosmetic digital printers are the perfect solution for this need, since they are able to perform sharp prints of writings of any size.
Able to print several diverse, beautiful cosmetic images, our tube digital printing machines can decorate aluminum tubes, aerosol cans and plastic tubes drastically reducing energy consumption. The UV curing process indeed diminishes the time required by the print to dry, but the savings also come from the zeroing of wastes.

Tapematic cosmetic digital printers

Tapematic solutions for cosmetic digital printing include the CPrint, a high-production cylindrical digital printer designed to work 24/7 combining the high output of traditional offset and silkscreen printing processes, and the CPrint Mini, an office-sized cosmetic digital printer offering amazing performances.
The utmost flexibility at the lowest cost for digital printing to satisfy the market demands for constant and increasing levels of personalization. Pharmaceutical tubes and cosmetic bottles need to have exclusive designs
Cosmetic Inkjet printers have opened a new era for the decoration of tubular objects. The latest digital inkjet printing technology for cylindrical printing onto various materials (glass, wood, metal, PVC, polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene and many others), combined to UV curable inks to speed up the times of drying while improving the qualities of the surface.
Cosmetic inkjet printers are the much-awaited solutions for decorating tubular and irregularly shaped containers in absence of labels, with all the productive, environmental and economical advantages ensuing from that.
Capable of printing progressive codes and/or barcodes, as well as personalized labels, packaging and tamper-proof closures, the Tapematic CPrint and the Tapematic CPrint Mini are flexible and reliable cosmetic digital printers designed to improve your lines of production.