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Closures digital printing

Closure digital printing has steadily streamlined the application of curable ink over packaging, containers and closures.
The use of drop-on-demand inkjet technology has sensitively improved the quality of digital printing, this way solving some of the most critical issues for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries especially.
The possible applications for closure digital printing are still expanding, however nowadays inkjet technology has become the standard for more than 90% of coding application on containers, packaging and closures.

Closure digital printing: safety, security, accuracy

The progress of inkjet technology have largely reflected over any company dealing with closures, packaging and containers issues, especially in cosmetic and pharmaceutical application, but also increasing in food and beverages and technology too.
Closure inkjet printers are able to shoot ink with accuracy and precision, in a highly controllable and reliable manner, without any contact with the surface: the absence of touching prevents any stress in the material.
Moreover, thanks to the application of UV curing technology, used since the 1960s for its capacity to significantly speed up the drying and curing processes, the droplets are cured into a hard and durable, impermeable surface within a fraction of a second.
Fully digital and non-contact, drop-on-demand inkjet is the print technology of choice for most existing and emerging applications, especially to decorate and track packaging, containers and closures in cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.
Rigid plastic, metal caps or metal tabs applied to the top or inside the cap closure - including special, promotional, local and limited edition products - can be easily coded, tracked and dated to assure safety and traceability of each and every manufactured item.

Tapematic solutions for closure digital printing

Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries need to count on reliable, versatile, fully automated machines such as Tapematic's cosmetic digital printers.
The advanced machines in our catalogue make it possible to digitally print a multitude of a cylindrical object, in order to best respond to today’s market demands for an increasing level of personalization and exclusivity on their products.
Tamper resistance is also required to protect some types of products from intentional malfunctioning or sabotage: our closures inkjet printers are able to print tamper-proof closures, while also integrating variable data such as bar codes, QR codes, raffle codes.
The Tapematic CPrint and the Tapematic CPrint Mini are both designed to work on several materials 24/7 on high-production lines. The Tapematic CPrint works with the utmost precision on very small and very large scales, while the Tapematic CPrint Mini is an office-scale printer performing the print of vivid, brilliant, high-definition writings and images.
The state-to-the-art technology in the field of digital inkjet printing applied to bottles, cosmetic jars, containers, packaging and closures comes with excellent support from our technical staff: get in touch with Tapematic for more information about closures and packaging digital printing.