Tapematic CPrint Cylindrical UV digital printer. Amazingly impressive.

TapematicCD Printer

Closure inkjet printer

The application of drop-on-demand inkjet technology to closures digital printing has notably improved the efficiency and quality of closures, packaging and containers - especially in cosmetics, pharmaceutics, food and beverages and technological industries.
The main benefits of inkjet print applied to closures and packaging are due to its capacity to shoot ink on a substrate without any contact, this way protecting the surface.
Non-contact inkjet printing gives full control over the process, while assuring the greatest cohesion and the highest quality of production.

Closure inkjet printers: the superiority of inkjet print

Inkjet technology has continuously improved over the last 30 years, and its applications are increasing so much that it has now become the standard solution for industry: more than 90% of coding application on closures, packaging and containers are performed by cosmetic inkjet printers, such as Tapematic CPrint and CPrint mini.
Our state-of-the-art tube digital printers especially designed to solve the most critical issues in packaging, containers and closures for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, are capable to print directly onto cylindrical objects using UV curable inks, this way keeping up with very high production capacities and speeding up the output.
Moreover, the supremacy of continuous inkjet printers over other printing technology for closures and packaging is due to its user-friendliness and versatility: drop-on-demand is a fully-digital and non-contact print technology.
Ink droplets fall directly onto the substrate from one millimeter of distance.
The absence of contact between the long-lasting print head and the substrate prevent any stress for the object. The application of UV curing technology translates into further benefits, since the droplets are cured into a hard and durable, impermeable surface within a fraction of a second.
Moreover, closure inkjet printers are steadily controllable and reliable all over the process: the result are amazingly impressive, full-color, high-quality prints, with the greatest accuracy and precision for details and customized, unique designs.

Tapematic closure inkjet printers

Tapematic solutions for closure digital printing include a full system to digitally print and cure cylindrical objects with UV inks.
Designed to work 24/7 on high-production lines, the Tapematic CPrint works with the utmost precision on very small and very large scales and nearly on every materials, giving you a myriad of choices for the personalization and marketing of your products.
The Tapematic CPrint Mini is a cosmetic digital printer suitable for office-scale environments, capable of printing vivid, brilliant, high-definition writings and images onto various materials, for an increasing level of customization and exclusivity.
Our tube digital printer gives you a myriad of choices for the personalization and marketing of your products: cosmetics jars, pharmaceutical bottles, glasses, cups, closures, and many other kinds of packaging can be handled singularly or as a printing queue.
Free to chose whether to impress the same print to the whole batch or to decorate every single tube with a unique image; released from any dependency from supplies and logistics; and supported by a steady, flexible but consistent technology: you can now focus on improving your turnout and satisfying the most sophisticated requests of your customers with regard to closure digital printing.