Tapematic CPrint Cylindrical UV digital printer. Amazingly impressive.

TapematicCD Printer

Closure digital printer

The use of drop-on-demand inkjet technology has notably improved the quality of digital printing, while extending the range of possible applications and streamlining the manufacturing procedures.
At Tapematic, we focus on the research for increasingly performing technology, able to simplify and quicken your work lines. Cosmetic inkjet printers are capable of shooting ink on a substrate without any contact, assuring thorough control, accuracy and precision over the whole process.
Closure digital printers are able to print directly onto cylindrical objects of any material using UV curable inks, this way solving most critical issues for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Closure digital printers: many applications for a smart, flexible and steady technology

To keep up with the demands of the market, today companies need flexible and reliable technologies: fully-automated machines able to work 24/7 at low operational costs, capable of giving increasing levels of personalization and exclusivity, quick to react to the trends and requests of the market, with high quality, sharp and vivid prints.
The applications for tubes and closures digital printers nowadays include textiles, glass, closures, plastic containers with highly resistant UV colors, cups, cosmetics jars, pharmaceutical bottles and many other cylindrical and specially-shaped containers.
New field for the application of this smart technology are still constantly opening, not only in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, but also in food and beverage industries, technical and technological objects and many more.
Our closure and packaging digital printers are able to apply decorations, writings, logos and/or progressive codes on closures of any shape with optimum definition of edges and lines, pin sharp texts and the finest gradients, hues and shading.

Tapematic closure digital printers

Designed around the smart combination of the high output of traditional offset and silkscreen printing processes, the Tapematic CPrint is a high-production cylindrical digital printer with virtually unlimited flexibility and applications.
Together with the Tapematic CPrint, able to work with precision on very small and very large scales and on several materials, they represent the best digital printers designed to work on tubular, cylindrical and irregular surfaces.
Our packaging digital printers give you a lot of choices to personalize and market cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, as well as food and beverages: you are always free to chose whether to impress the same print to the whole batch or to decorate every single tube with a unique image.
We are indeed fully aware of the constant needs these industries have for many different kind of containers, labels and packaging, coming in a huge variety of sizes, colors and materials: keeping that in mind, we have come up with some dependable, flexible and easy-to-use technology to print beautiful, sharp and vivid images, also integrating variable data such as bar codes, QR codes, raffle codes, so critical in cosmetic digital printing.
In our catalogue, you will find several solutions for closures digital printing, capable of increasing the security and traceability of every single products, through barcodes and tamper-proof closures to protect the product from intentional malfunctioning or sabotage.
The future of digital printing technology is now. Improve and streamline your production through our fully automated, easy-to-operate machines for closure digital printing.