Tapematic CPrint Cylindrical UV digital printer. Amazingly impressive.

TapematicCD Printer

Closures digital printer

The future of label and package printing has been completely redefined by the use of digital printing for packaging, containers and closures.
Tapematic CPrint mini, worldwide first UV digital printer for closures, was first installed in February 2011: capable to print directly onto cylindrical objects using UV curable inks, the CPrint mini can keep up with very high production capacities, speeding up the companies' productivity.
Both the CPrint mini and the CPrint can be implemented to print small bottles, jars and tubes especially for pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications: closure digital printers are indeed capable of performing excellent prints on tubes and cylindrical objects of any material.

Closures digital printer: precise but flexible technology

Following the introduction of Tapematic's CPrint mini and CPrint, we have more than doubled our production capacity due to the large demand for reliable and steady closures digital printers coming from the international market.
Designed for digitally printing tubes, closures and cylindrical items, our closure inkjet printers offer several options, suit many applications and are capable of giving flexible but consistent performances in order to meet the majority of customers requirements.
Our closures digital printers use the latest digital inkjet printing technology combined with UV curable inks, this way significantly speeding up manufacturing lines: high intensity ultraviolet radiations do induce a photochemical reaction to instantly cure inks, adhesives and coatings.
Tapematic tube digital printers are able to print directly onto various materials, such as PVC, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polypropylene, glass, and metal (just to mention a few). The ultimate solution for handling complex job orders helps you cope with increasing requests for small runs, personalization, and serialization of the products.

Tapematic Closures Digital Printers

Our compact and regular size closures and container digital printers are also able to perform the printing of progressive codes or barcodes, different on the single item. All this giving you a thorough control over each and every product, with high-definition printing, vivid colors and sharp edges, to satisfy the top quality requests coming from your most demanding customers.
The Tapematic CPrint and the Tapematic CPrint Mini represent the future for cylindrical digital printing. The Tapematic CPrint works with the utmost precision on very small and very large scales, while the Tapematic CPrint Mini is able to print vivid, brilliant, high-definition writings and images onto various materials, and is suitable for office-scale environments.
They are both designed to work on several materials 24/7 on high-production lines to satisfy the customer's need for an increasing level of personalization and exclusivity. In our catalogue, you will find several solutions for packaging digital printing: Tapematic Closures Digital Printers represent the state-to-the-art technology in the field of digital inkjet printing applied to bottles, cosmetic jars, containers, packaging and closures.