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Bottle digital printing

The most innovative way to finish, personalize and decorate tubular objects, bottles, jars, cosmetic and pharmaceutical closures and packaging is the digital printing technology.
Bottle and tube digital printers make use of the UV curing technology: high intensity ultraviolet light induces a photochemical reaction able to instantly cure inks, adhesives and coatings. UV Curing is a speed curing process adaptable to a variety of products and materials, and generally used for curing and drying of inks, adhesives and coatings.
This method, used since the 1960s, is now what gives perfect finishing to tubular objects, bottles and cosmetic jars: outputs of a new era in digital cylindrical decoration, Tapematic’s Bottle Digital Printers are the most innovative technology to digitally print tubes, bottles and cylindrical objects with UV curable inks.

Bottle digital printing: the many benefits of a smart technology

The digital printing technology does not use printing plates, such as inkjet print does, and is nowadays the most in demand solution for decorating tubes, bottles, cosmetic jars and containers without making use of any labels.
The advantages are easy to figure out: this technology gives you full independence from label and adhesive suppliers, and allows great saving of materials, since the production is limited to the exact quantity requested, with no waste of labels. This in turn implies a cut on the costs of logistics, since no storing of labels is required, and no adhesives are used.
One machine is capable of performing the whole printing process onto different materials and shapes, including cylindrical bottles and specially-shaped containers. Moreover, bottle digital printers are able to print areas that cannot be labeled, with an easy integration of variable data such as bar codes, QR codes, raffle codes, so critical in cosmetic digital printing.
Also the personalization of the productis increased, with an efficient production of small batch sizes thanks to a quick and flexible container decoration process, which allows the realization of up-to-date decorations, special and local editions with an efficient single product tracking.

Tapematic solutions for bottle digital printing

Tube digital printing is still constantly opening new fields of application due to steadily improved printing quality, consistency and speed.
In our catalogue, you will find several solutions for bottle digital printing: we are particularly proud to introduce the CPrint and the CPrint Mini, advanced application of a reliable, specific and sophisticated technology for tube digital printing.
The Tapematic CPrint Mini is able to print vivid, brilliant, high-definition writings and images onto various materials, and is suitable for office-scale environments. Designed to work 24/7 on high-production lines to satisfy the market's need for an increasing level of customization and exclusivity, the Tapematic CPrint is able to work with precision on very small and very large scales and on several materials.
Our tube digital printer gives you a myriad of choices for the personalization and marketing of your products: you are always free to chose whether to impress the same print to the whole batch or to decorate every single tube with a unique image.
Tapematic's cosmetic digital printers are the best way to improve production output and capability, while offering innumerable options for customization. Feel free to contact our offices to know more about our solutions for bottle digital printing.