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Packaging digital printing

Nowadays, technology makes it possible to produce high quality packaging on a variety of formats and materials using only digital presses.
The importance of packaging is particularly felt by the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, having constant need for labels indicating warnings and instructions for use, together with appealing images in vivid colors.
Packaging digital printing becomes critical here and, allowing the quickening and optimization of the manufacturing procedures, it does not appear to be an exaggerated claim that tube digital printing has improved any sector it has been applied to.

Packaging digital printing for appealing, useful and solid containers

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries have special needs for many different kind of containers, labels and packaging, often including instructions, warnings and devices to prevent tampering.
Indeed, the need for labels, packaging and containers of cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries comes in a huge variety of sizes, colors, materials, intended for different type of products, scent or fragrance, as well as for different packaging and containers, including bottles, tubs, tubes and jars.
Moreover, some types of products require tamper-proof closures to be protected from intentional malfunctioning or sabotage by user, package, system or anybody having physical access to it.
Our digital printers are the perfect solution for this need, since they are excellent closures digital printers.

Tapematic solutions for packaging digital printing

Packaging and closure vary greatly depending on the product: Tapematic closure inkjet printers allow the creations of packaging made up of several layers in order to deter tampering and/or to provide evidence of attempts at tampering to the consumer.
Tapematic has come up with some dependable and flexible solutions for cosmetic inkjet printing.
Reliable and technologically advanced, our machines are the state of the art in container digital decoration: a versatile, market-oriented approach to the decoration and closure of the packaging, including limited editions, local versions, advertising campaigns and variable data such as bar codes, QR codes, raffle codes.
In our catalogue, you will find several solutions for packaging digital printing: we are particularly proud to introduce the CPrint and the CPrint Mini, advanced, reliable and sophisticated technology for tube digital printers.
Designed to work 24/7 on high-production lines, the Tapematic CPrint is the able to work with precision on very small and very large scales and on several materials, giving you a myriad of choices for the personalization and marketing of your products.
The Tapematic CPrint Mini is a cosmetic digital printer suitable for office-scale environments, capable of printing vivid, brilliant, high-definition writings and images onto various materials, for an increasing level of customization and exclusivity.
Tapematic's tube digital printers are the best way to improve production output and capability, while offering innumerable options for customization. Contact our offices to know more about our solutions for packaging digital printing.