Tapematic CPrint Cylindrical UV digital printer. Amazingly impressive.

TapematicCD Printer

Tube digital printer

Tube digital printers are the best solution to apply a digital print on cylindrical objects with UV curable inks.
There is a high demand for cylindrical units of different materials and usages, such as glass, plastic, closures, cups, cosmetics jars, pharmaceutical bottles and many more. Tube digital printers introduce us to the new era of digital cylindrical decorating and printing.

Tube digital printer: the best technology for vibrant prints

Digital printing machines for cylindrical surfaces have opened a new era for the decoration of tubes, glass, cosmetic jars, pharmaceutical bottles and several other cylindrical objects.
Capable of printing different images, as well as codes and/or barcodes, cylindrical digital printer allows the perfect identification and print of every single product by streamlining marking and manufacturing procedures.
Tapematic CPrint and CPrint Mini are the ultimate solution for UV cured cylindrical digital prints.
Our tube digital printers create high quality, full color digital prints perfect for commercial use. Designed to work 24/7 on high-production cycles, the Tapematic CPrint is a flexible cosmetic inkjet printer which offers the high output of traditional offset and silkscreen printing processes at the low cost of digital printing.

Tapematic Tube Digital Printers

We are particularly proud of our state-of-the-art tube UV digital printers: the CPrint and the CPrint Mini. They are designed to satisfy the increasing demand of the market for more reliable, specific and sophisticated technology to impress digital printings on bottles, cosmetics, packaging and closures, especially in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
Our machines do not need any plate nor screen to work: a digital file is enough to impress the desired decoration on the surface.
The Tapematic CPrint is the future for cylindrical digital printing: a high-production tube digital printer designed to work 24/7, the Tapematic CPrint is capable of printing progressive codes and/or barcodes, as well as personalized labels on to packaging and tamper-proof closures.
Designed to give your products an increasing level of customization and exclusivity, our Tube Digital Printing machines work with the same level of precision on very small and very large scale.
The Tapematic CPrint Mini combines the latest digital inkjet printing technology with UV curable inks for cylindrical printing onto various materials, such as PVC, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polypropylene, glass, metal and more.
Flexible and reliable, our small tube UV digital printer designed for small environments is the perfect choice for top quality products requiring vivid, brilliant, high-definition printing.
Tapematic offers a wide range of solutions for digital prints to be applied on tubular surfaces. Tube digital printing has never been so easy and satisfying: feel free to contact our office to know more.