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More about Cylindrical UV digital Printers

Cylindrical digital printer

Cylindrical digital printers come with many productive, environmental and economical advantages. If this was not enough, we invite you to consider the outstanding quality of the packaging, labels and closure applied on cylindrical objects with UV curable inks.
UV Curing technique was actually known since the 1960s, however it has significantly improved since: nowadays Read More

Cosmetic digital printer

Tapematic solutions for digital printing include a full system to digitally print and cure cylindrical objects with UV inks.
Our tube digital printer gives you a myriad of choices for the personalization and marketing of your products: cosmetics jars, pharmaceutical bottles, glasses, cups, closures, and many other kinds of packaging can be handled singularly or as a printing queue.Read More

Tube digital printing

The more advanced machines performing tube digital printing combine the latest digital inkjet printing technology with UV curable inks for cylindrical surfaces of various materials - glass, metal, wood, PVC, polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate are just some examples.
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Tube UV digital printer

Tube UV digital printers can print on a wide variety of materials such as glass, metal, wood, PVC, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polypropylene, and even carpet and tile: and the list is still growing!
We are particularly proud to introduce our cylindrical digital printers, the Read More

Tube digital printer

Tube digital printers are the best solution to apply a digital print on cylindrical objects with UV curable inks.
There is a high demand for cylindrical units of different materials and usages, such as glass, plastic, closures, cups, cosmetics jars, pharmaceutical bottles and many more. Tube digital printers introduce us to the new era of digital cylindrical decorating...
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Cosmetic inkjet printer

Introducing the new era of digital cylindrical decoration: Tapematics Cosmetic Inkjet Printers are the state-of-the-art technology to digitally print cylindrical objects with UV curable inks.
Applied since the 1960s, UV Curing technique has significantly improved the performances of cosmetic inkjet printing: so much that nowadays this technology is...
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Bottle digital printer

Bottle digital printers enable you to personalize the look of your products without making use of any labels. They can reach spots that cannot be labeled, while simply integrating several variable, progressive and/or unique data, such as bar codes, QR codes, raffle codes, so critical in cosmetic...
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Bottle digital printing

The most innovative way to finish, personalize and decorate tubular objects, bottles, jars, cosmetic and pharmaceutical closures and packaging is the digital printing technology.
Bottle and tube digital printers make use of the UV curing technology: high intensity ultraviolet light induces a photochemical reaction able to instantly cure inks, adhesives and coatings. UV...
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Container digital printing

Flexible, precise and innovative, container digital printing is the excellent solution for the printing of high resolution images with the highest ink coverage, and the finest gradients and shading.
So critical especially in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, always having a great need for many different kind of labels, packaging and containers, tube...
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Packaging digital printing

Nowadays, technology makes it possible to produce high quality packaging on a variety of formats and materials using only digital presses.
The importance of packaging is particularly felt by the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, having constant need for labels indicating warnings and instructions for use, together with appealing images in vivid colors.Read More

Closures digital printer

The future of label and package printing has been completely redefined by the use of digital printing for packaging, containers and closures.
Tapematic CPrint mini, worldwide first UV digital printer for closures, was first installed in February 2011: capable to print directly onto cylindrical objects using UV curable inks, the CPrint mini can keep up with very...
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Closure digital printer

The use of drop-on-demand inkjet technology has notably improved the quality of digital printing, while extending the range of possible applications and streamlining the manufacturing procedures.
At Tapematic, we focus on the research for increasingly performing technology, able to simplify and quicken your work lines. Cosmetic inkjet printers are capable of shooting ink...
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Closure inkjet printer

The application of drop-on-demand inkjet technology to closures digital printing has notably improved the efficiency and quality of closures, packaging and containers - especially in cosmetics, pharmaceutics, food and beverages and technological industries.
The main benefits of inkjet print applied to closures and packaging are due to its capacity to shoot ink on a...
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Closures digital printing

Closure digital printing has steadily streamlined the application of curable ink over packaging, containers and closures.
The use of drop-on-demand inkjet technology has sensitively improved the quality of digital printing, this way solving some of the most critical issues for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries especially.
The possible applications for closure...
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