Tapematic S8++ In-line 3D Sputtering system. Fully automated.

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Tapematic S8++ Overview

Tapematic S8++  photoThe Tapematic S8++ sputtering system will enable youto sputter 3 Dimensional objects in an efficient, cost-effective and reliable process. Thanks to its unique load-lock concept, it is capable of sputtering 3D items while simultaneously loading and offloading, thereby always maintaining the sputtering chamber in high vacuum.

This makes the S8++, using the latest green technology, the most energy efficient machine in the field of thin film metal deposition, guaranteeing low power consumption,with the possibility of sputtering with a 6 second cycle time, at less than 6 Kw. No dedicated operator is necessary as the system is designed for fully automated loading and off loading.

Cathodes for the Tapematic S8++ systems, are fully designed and manufactured in-house. Application dependent, the system’s magnetic field is fine tuned to achieve the best possible performance in terms of reflectivity, uniformity, cycle time, and cost-per-part optimization.

The S8++ is without question, the most green and environmentally friendly solution available on the market for metal deposition.