Tapematic S8++ In-line 3D Sputtering system. Fully automated.

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Tapematic S8++ Details

Tapematic S8++  A leap forward in technology

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Performance & Features

  • 3D sputtering of a tray in less than 6 seconds
  • Load-lock system to maintain chamber in high vacuum
  • Automatic loading and offloading from the chamber
  • Built-in class 100 clean room environment
  • High uniformity and reflectivity
  • Consistent color at all times
  • Lowest overall investment and cost per object

User friendly

  • Zero start-up time and cost
  • Minimal operator requirement
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface

Environment friendly

  • Lowest sputtering power
  • No chrome derivatives used
  • No waste generated


Tapematic S8++ Layout

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A new standard in sputtering technology

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20 Years of experience

The sputtering technology is well established and widely implemented in optical disc manufacturing; an area that Tapematic specializes in, having manufactured stand-alone sputtering and complete production lines for more than 20 years. CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray discs are typically sputtered in less than 2 seconds including handling to and from the sputtering chamber.

Sputter materials

The PST Line can be used to sputter a wide range of materials such as Aluminium, Gold, Silver, Chromium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Titanium and many others. It guarantees the lowest possible cost per item, even compared to traditional PVD or batch sputtering systems.