TapematicCD Printer

Virtual factory tour

The head office and main manufacturing plant is based in Italy, very close to the city of Milan. Additionally International offices in America, England and the Far East work closely together with representatives dotted around the globe to enable not only an effective sale and marketing organisation worldwide, but also a fast and effective after sales service and technical assistance should the necessity arise. The American office has been in Orlando Florida for almost 20 years and is situated in a large modern complex very close to the international airport. The Kowloon side of Honk Kong is the home of our Asian office serving the Pacific Rim and main land China with both English and native speaking personnel. In the UK a smaller office just outside London, has given sales and service to the our UK clients since the seventies.

From day one Tapematic has always produced the mechanical parts needed to assemble a finished machine, initially using only one small lath and slowly growing until a separate sister company was formed called Discmatic. Today Discmatic is the largest tool shop in Europe with twelve highly sophisticated numerical controlled milling machines from one of the smallest built to one of the largest, each designed to handle certain materials of various sizes. Apart from manufacturing all of the parts required for Tapematic’s various models, the company also produces for a large number of companies where a high level of accuracy and constancy is required, such as military and food industries.

Producing all of the mechanical parts ‘in-house’ offers a number of advantages, from being able to control not only the quality of the materials and workmanship, but also the order of urgency for delivery and making sure parts are ready when they are needed. A second and equally important reasoning behind in-house manufacturing of mechanical parts is that prototype items, modifications and material selection can be made in a matter of minutes rather than days, weeks or even months.