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Green company

A Green Company goes about its business in a way that minimizes any damage to the environment.

As global warming continues apace and continues to be an increasingly "hot" topic amongst world governments, many companies are doing their part to become environmentally more responsible, or "Green".

Tapematic is pro-active at manufacturing equipment that is both environmentally friendly in its operation as well as environmentally efficient with what it produces. This, in turn, avoids or minimises the impact on the environment. Some examples of our contribution follow:

Optical disc digital printing equipment 2Print and 2Print mini, utilise UV curable inks with an absolutely minimal solvent content. In addition, the quantity of Ink needed to print a disc is far below the amount needed in traditional technologies such as Offset or Silk-screen. It is therefore accepted that use of the 2Print and 2Print Mini is the greenest way to print onto optical discs.

Cylindrical digital printing machines CPrint and CPrint Mini implement low migration UV curable inks and are therefore suitable for food packaging. In addition, the quantity of Ink needed to print every closure, tube, glass etc. is far below the amount needed in traditional technologies such as offset, flexo, or silk-screen. The facts dictate that the CPrint and CPrint Mini are the greenest way to print onto cylindrical items.

Sputtering system S8++ is capable of metalizing 3 dimensional objects without producing any waste or exhaust. The metal target, made of the material that is needed to deposit a sputtered layer, is 100% recyclable. In addition, the Tapematic sputtering system S8++, being based on the load lock concept, is capable of the lowest power consumption in the field, thanks to the capability of maintaining the vacuum chamber in high vacuum; even while loading and offloading parts. The Tapematic S8++ is without doubt, the greenest technology available to metalize 3D objects.

Our Varnishing system, BT Coating, uses the most efficient spraying system available on the market today, and with the lowest possible overspray or wastage. Most of the sprayed material ends up on the object to be varnished or painted. In addition, 100% UV varnishes are implemented, or in some cases UV varnishes with the lowest possible % of solvent. With a 70% reduction in wastage over conventional methods, Tapematic’s BT Coating system provides the greenest solution for varnishing 3D objects.

The PST line is combining the huge advantages offered by the BT coating system and the S8++. Therefore, if your requirements are to apply a primer, sputtering, and top coating, the greenest way, by far, is the Tapematic PST line.

Often companies are absorbing a higher cost to have their products manufactured in a “Green” way, and with “Green” materials. Some are ready to sacrifice a portion of their earnings today, to ensure a future for the next generations to come. They deserve respect for their actions.

Today, in our mutual sectors of business interest, your company now has the opportunity to become a Green Company yet without compromising earnings. Please get in contact with our head office, and we will be pleased to listen your needs and ideas.