Tapematic CPrint Cylindrical UV digital printer. Amazingly impressive.

TapematicCD Printer

Tapematic CPrint Technical Data

Cylindrical object

Substrate PE, HDPE, PC, PET, PS, PP, Glass, Metal
Minimum diameter 10 mm
Maximum diameter 100 mm
Maximum printable lenght 210 mm
Maximum phisical lenght 240 mm


Print heads Array of 4 - 6 UV piezoelectric dod inkjet printheads with built in heater
Ink type UV curable with high adhesion on substrate
Ink supply Collapsible bags changeable during print process
Colours C M Y K Lc Lm White
Resolution Up to 1440 dpi, selectable via software


PLC CPrint Tapematic programme
RIP Licensed imaging and correction software
Image transfer LAN, USB, wireless
Original image files PostScript, PDF, Jpeg, Tiff, EPS
Images stored > 6000, divided in folders


Loading Automated loading from conveyor/chain
Unloading Automated discharge on a conveyor/chain
UV curing Water cooled UV lamps
Surface treatment Corona, plasma or flame treatment station
Production Up to 6000 pcs per hour


Dimensions 1600 w x 1750 l x 2000 h mm
Weight 1600 Kg


Power 400V three phase 50/60 Hz 25 k VA
Air 6 bar 100 N l/min
Vacuum - 0.8 bar 10 m3/hr
Water 3 bar, 40 l/min, deionized


Work area 3 m x 3 m ceiling height minimum 2 m
Temperature 20 - 26 °C
Relative Humidity 55 - 65% non condensing


CE Complies with all current regulations
Ink Non toxic fumes - no exhaust required


Handling In-line integration
Serialization Progressive numbering, 2D barcode
Print check Print check inspection camera
Orientation In-line object orientation system