8012 S DVD 9 5 10 CD Downstream replication unit.
Top of the range, designed and developed with the highest standard.
Up to 2 seconds per disc.

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8012 S Details

Moulding interface

Each moulding machine requires its own interface, electrical, mechanical and software, once the selection of the IMM has been made, an interface will be supplied to allow the transfer of the substrate from the IMM robot arm to the in feed conveyor.


Natural laminar flow cooling provides the highest stabilization of the substrate to minimise deviation and birefringence during one of the most delicate moments for newly molded substrates. The cooling conveyor is equipped with high tech Ionization bars to reduce the disc electrostatic. Hepa filters ensure clean air within the work area.


Discs are handled within the stacking ring area via suction cups wherever possible. Only during the transport of the disc to and from the spin bowls are the discs handled within the centre hole.

Metallizer feedback control

Metallizer Feedback Control (MFC) provides a stabilized reflectivity of the metallized surface by automatically controlling the power supply of the sputtering cathode.Each disc is control by a sensor which provides information relating to the discs reflectivity, this data is used to automatically control the amount of metallization and thereby maintain the reflectivity within extremely tight parameters.

Tapematic Mk IV metallizer

Designed and manufactured by Tapematic, the Mark IV metallizer is proven to be the most reliable and easy-to-maintain metallizer on the market today.

Resing dosing system

A high-quality filter system and pump is used to draw the bonding resin out of the supply container. The bonding resin is temperature controlled to an accuracy of ±0.1°C for consistent dosing. Dosing amount tolerance.

Bonding station

Degassing and temperature control, together with multi preset selection covering all required aspects of the resin dosing, ensures a bubble free gap and a bonding soilution thickness, well within the specified tolerances disc after disc. In addition a High Tech Polarisation System (HTPS) is employed to prevent micro bubbles forming and being trapped between the two substrate layers.

Spin bowls

Two high tech Tapematic custom built spinning systems upgraded for HD DVD maximum uniformity and homogeneity bonding solution distribution. For the manufacturing of this two System have been implemented high tech materials to prevent overheating of parts involved and contamination by bonding solution.

UV Curing station

The extremely close tolerance of the center-hold and table construction guarantees the layer alignment to perfection while passing through the UV curing station.

Turn over

To enable the bonded disc to be cured through the semi reflective layer, the disc is processed upside down, it is then turn-over to allow inspection and stacking in the normal orientation.

Quality control inspection

A 'special' optical inspection unit performs the tests necessary to guarantee that every disc placed on the exit dial is well within the specifications required.

Exit dial

A six spindle turntable provides ample time between operator intervention for the removal of the finished and tested product.