8010 S DVD 5 10 CD Downstream replication unit.
Proven technology. Small, compact and easy to use.

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8010 S Overview

8010 S photoA few years ago Tapematic introduced a creative downstream series called Classic. Within a very short period of time the series gained tremendous success for one very simple reason.
The concept allowed one machine to be transformed into the exact design as required by the customer, or in other words a 'made to measure' machine.

8010 S Twin

A reliable and user friendly equipment designed mainly for the production of DVD5, interfaced with two injection moulding machines. Very suited for companies who already have DVD9 lines and want to increase the production of DVD5 as this offers a very practical solution as this model costs about 100,000 Euro less than the 8012S DVD 5, 10, 9. and produces almost the same output at around 32,000 DVD5 in 24 hours.

8010 S Buffer

Similar to the CD only version this model is for the production of Compact Disc and Digital Versatile Disc 5 replication line capable of a cycle time below 3 seconds for CD and 2.5 seconds for DVD5. Also available with a buffer for the 'L1' substrate, with this option the 8010S is capable of an output of 30,000 discs in 24 hours using only one moulding machine.

8010 S CD

A dedicated, reliable and user friendly Compact Disc replication line capable of a cycle time below 3 seconds