8010 S DVD 5 10 CD Downstream replication unit.
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8010 S Details

Moulding interface

Each moulding machine requires its own interface, electrical, mechanical and software, once the selection of the IMM has been made, an interface will be supplied to allow the transfer of the substrate from the IMM robot arm to the in feed conveyor.


Immediately after moulding the substrate is very hot and needs to cool down prior to metallization. Therefore it is essential that the support plate, filtered air flow, ionizing bars and manipulator arms have a minimal influence on the substrates parameters.


Discs are handled within the stacking ring area via suction cups wherever possible. Only during the transport of the disc to and from the spin bowls are the discs handled within the centre hole.


The 8010S is equipped with a dynamic buffer of 6 spindle. This will allow the machine to run at the incredible cycle time of 2.5 seconds using only one IMM.

Tapematic Mk IV metallizer

Designed and manufactured by Tapematic, the Mark IV metallizer is proven to be the most reliable and easy-to-maintain metallizer on the market today.

Resing dosing system

A high-quality filter system and pump is used to draw the bonding resin out of the supply container. The bonding resin is temperature controlled to an accuracy of ±0.1°C for consistent dosing. Dosing amount tolerance.

Bonding station

A bubble-free bond is accomplished using a high-precision AC servomotor to couple Layer 0 and Layer 1.

Spin bowls

Dual spin bowls are used for improved cycle time. During CD operation, spin bowl number 2 is not used.

UV Curing station

Fully adjustable power setting and curing time allow for excellent and consistent edge curing. Low heat radiation eliminates any potential dishing/deviation issue.

Quality control inspection

Tapematic utilizes industry-leading optical inspection systems. An optional Layer 1 inspection camera is required for DVD-10.

Exit dial

A six spindle turntable provides ample time between operator intervention for the removal of the finished and tested product.