Tapematic 2Print mini CD DVD UV Digital printer.
up to 720 disc per hour, 0.02 cost per disc. Mini in size and price.

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Tapematic 2Print mini Details


Discs are picked up from the in-feed spindle using concertina suction cups and placed on the in-feed conveyor. The conveyor is then indexed and aligned with the printing shuttle. The set of six discs are then collected from the in-feed conveyor via precision grippers and placed onto the print shuttle.

Pick & place

Discs are moved from the in feed spindle passes through the machine print process to the output spindle via a three armed manipulator. This smooth pick and place action results in a secure, precise and speedy repetitive movement reducing handling time to a minimum. Placing and collecting from the print shuttle is carried out using a gripper device to eliminate suction cup marks.

In line white flood

Noticeable savings can be made when purchasing ‘silver’ blank media compared to ‘printable’ discs. A standard silk screen white is then applied using the built-in station, which can also be used to print one colour graphics directly onto the discs.

Cool UV cure

During printing a cold water tube extracts heat from the rays keeping the disc cool. During the printing cycle a patented shutter system ensures the powerful UV rays are blocked off and isolated from the print heads when the disc is not under the lamp.

Head array

Once printing has finished the head bridge is moved into a maintenance area where the nozzles are covered and protected. This maintenance area is also used to clean and purge the heads ensuring minimum downtime and a very long life.


The mini requires less room than its equivalent in desktop printers. Yet it's an industrial machine designed to work continuously, with forty year of experience built inside. Making them robust, reliable, easy to service and above all profitable.


All operation prior, during and after printing are kept to a minimum, just a few basic controls allows you to start and stop printing. The more sophisticated setting that maybe required from time to time are all selected via the touch screen monitor.

Job change

Production can be set-up directly from the touch screen interface, simple by selecting a title and quantity to print, the next jobs to run can be entered at any time and should the priority change during the day, modification is just a click away.

Return on investiment

The savings on raw materials, costs per print, higher output and general increase in efficiency will enable you to payback the capital expenditure in under a year. Practical examples from tens of satisfied customers have shown that the machine pays for itself very quickly, while benefiting from all the advantages.