Tapematic 2Print CD DVD UV Digital printer.
up to 1800 disc per hour, 0.01 cost per disc. Amazingly impressive high-quality print.

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Tapematic 2Print Details


Discs are collected from the in-feed spindle group and placed on the in-feed conveyor. The conveyor is then indexed and aligned with the printing shuttle. Six discs are then collected from the in-feed conveyor via precision grippers and placed onto the print shuttle.

White flood

All Tapematic optical disc digital printing equipment can have an integrated silk-screen module to apply a white flood. A normal silk-screen white is used, readily available from your standard ink suppliers. Nothing special is needed.

UV system

Tapematic digital printing equipment implements UV curable inks, which are then perfectly dried under UV curing modules integrated into the equipment. Tapematic UV curable inks are proprietary and offer the longest printing lifetime, and anti-scratch capabilities available on the market.

Head plate

Print heads are installed onto a high precision carrier plate, which guarantees the total accuracy with alignment.

Ink circuit

The ink is supplied in what we call a “Bag in Box” (BIB). These are collapsible bags of 2.5 litres, commonly used in the pharmaceutical market. The “BIB” ensures the ink is handled correctly by not allowing air or light into this very high tech packaging. The ink flow is directed from the “BIB” via an ink buffer reservoir to the head; simple, reliable and secure, being managed by several built-in control systems.

Colour management

From the original artwork to the printed disc, image manipulation could not be more automated. Once the artwork is in the digital domain, masking, sizing and colour control are little more than mouse clicks away. RIP (raster image processing) is performed off-line on a separate computer, ripped image files being transferred to the 2Print via standard Ethernet connection.

Human interface

Production, service, pre-sets and maintenance pages are all available via a large touch screen GUI. On-screen commands and visual images, give operators clear status alerts allowing them to provide fast reaction time whenever the need arises, such as job change or machine error.

Job change

Selecting jobs and their run quantity is a quick and easy task that can be carried out anytime during operation. The production queue can have its priority list changed at will, and on completion of one job, the new title is loaded and both the in-feed and exit spindles change, ready to be back in production at the push of a button.

Cost per disc

Due to the ink supply format and minimum waste, the actual ink quantity used to print is so low that it costs less than one eurocent (0,01 €) to print a disc in six colours.


Do please ask for samples, you will be positively surprised!